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    Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa is Prominent Indian Business Magnate, Social Philanthropist, a Renowned Corporate Speaker, Mentor, Mind-set & Leadership Coach Certified by World’s No. 1 Leadership Coach – Marshall Goldsmith. Dr. Mustafa helps Leaders & CEOs increase their Results by Working Smarter in Today's Economy. Dr. Saasa is continuing Business Legacy since 1958. He is a serial Entrepreneur having diverse business experience internationally. He is known for his CSR Work in Education & Water.

    Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa is Chairman and Managing Director of Raj Group of Companies, UAE. Raj Group is having presence in Dubai since 1958. Raj Group has subsidiaries and associates in India, Middle East, Europe and USA. Raj Group is into the business of GPS Technology & Power Tools, and Construction & Building Materials Hardware, All types of Bolts, Nuts, Fasteners, Hand Tools, Carpentry Tools, Measuring Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Oil Field, and Marine Supplies, Herbal & Cosmetics, Power Transmission System many more since last 6 decades.

    Dr. Mustafa Saasa has done Masters in Criminology & Emotional Intelligence from UK. Recently he was conferred with Doctorate, in Business Management & Leadership from Colombo University. Dr. Mustafa Saasa has joined Raj Group in 1990. He designed, articulated and implemented marketing strategy that transformed the group from just a family brand to a global brand, revered for its technology, innovation, customer friendliness and product range. He honed his entrepreneurial skills under the tutelage of his father and Founder Chairman, Late Mr. Taherali Saasa.

  • Professional

    With a vision to increase security & safety of society as well as to uplift their status of living, Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa has set up a company in Ahmedabad in 2008 named as Sarrahraj Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. after successfully running the Raj group of Companies in Dubai - UAE, he decided to have a business set up in India. He has founded Sarrahraj Enterprise Pvt Ltd which deals in innovative Vehicle Tracking System under brand name of STAR TRACKER. It helps to track, Monitor and takes control of movable and immovable assets and vehicles. While talking about business model Dr. Mustafa’s punch lines are “We deliver the best to our customer satisfactorily through distributor and dealer network, we also serve directly to the key accounts and large corporate houses.”

    In today’s world clients are quality oriented and much more concern about product quality. While talking about quality, Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa says “We believe in Quality, our products are manufactured in USA with highest quality standards having certified by FCC, CE, IC, PCTCRB and CARRIERS.

    “Our core values imbibed fiercely in our team, have not only helped shape our destiny, but also have reposed our customers' faith in us. Because it is not just about creating the world's best Products - it is about building a relationship that is dependable and trustworthy”

    While talking about target industries Dr. Mustafa replied “We are proud to serve transport industry as management can maximise utilisation of their fleets by using our online real time tracking software which gives a complete fleet management solutions. Along with Transport and Tourism industry also we are serving to banking industry which is back bone of countries economy.”

    As R & D is main focus through which STAR TRACKER is proud to serve Asia’s largest bank to secure their ATM’s. R & D is continuous and ongoing process in Sarrahraj Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

    Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa not only involved in multinational businesses but also strongly supports society by various ways. As member of world water council he has been working for “ WATER” which is most important element of life at international level.

    His advice to new entrepreneurs is simple. “Make sure your vision is clearly understood by you first and then by the people around you. Ensure that you hire people that are connosours in that particular field, and always hire people that you think are better than you.

    How do we respond??? We work smarter. If the cake is smaller, we fight for a larger slice for every individual member. Make the cake bigger and bigger thus even a small portion also yield higher values. Our marketing initiatives at both a group and an individual level remains the most innovative in our industry. As rightly said we are warriors. We don’t give up.

    Dr. Saasa says that “I believe in being respectful to everyone, right from the office boy to the CEO. Why? Because people judge you on how you treat others.” I’m letting people do what they really do well,”.

    He says. “You have to surround yourself with people that are more talented than you are recognizing where your talents lays. Most entrepreneurs think they can do everything but the fact is: entrepreneurs should be bringing vision and passion into their organizations, and taking hurdles out of the way for the people that are much better at delivering the vision.” He adds that the best quality of an entrepreneurial leader is the ability “to champion people to a cause, get them committed to a purpose, and then be able to stand out of the way while they deliver on that.”

    “When entrepreneurs come in front of us they frankly need to really understand their business. The ability to be passionate and purposeful is evident. If they don’t believe in it or don't understand how to present it in a compelling and factual manner, and they don’t tell us in a way that explains how we’ll leverage our investment, by this they’ll never be able to build a business". Thus empowerment at every level is essential within their capacity.

    Our success is based on three elements: The model itself, Domain knowledge and the team we built to deliver our vision.

    There is a massive need for knowledge transfer and skills development in our market. We help in providing training for business growth, and will ultimately facilitate community upliftment through the development of people. This is our way of giving back to the communities we serve.

    United Yet Unique ‘is our punch line. We build our business through building the brand, and we build members’ businesses within the community by helping them to run community-based promotions in conjunction with our suppliers.

    We do not keep the budget for expensive advertising, but we do lots of in-store promotions. This works well because it results in direct contact with that target market. Instead of competing with corporates that have millions to spend on advertising, we go local.We have never gone on a spending splurge. We don’t believe in over-capitalising too quickly, and we apply a huge amount of discipline when it comes to spending.

    When you make a point of greeting and getting to know everyone in your client’s business, your life is made that much easier. You become part of the company, and the employees will do everything they can to help you.

    When a client sees third party coverage of your services, it works as endorsement and your business gains credibility. Our consistent public relations programme has also built general awareness of our services and brand, and it supplements other direct marketing and advertising efforts.

    “We suddenly had two important case studies. One, we could show potential clients what we could do. We weren’t just pitching an idea; we were pitching a successful campaign.

    “Two, we had proven to ourselves how important it is to market your own brand. A lot of businesses in this space forget that. They concentrate on their client’s brands, but they forget they need to also build their own brand.”

    “It’s a win-win, which builds on experiences, and we come out of it with useful content every month. It’s not a product or service; it’s simply a community that we treat as a client with other creative practitioners and it builds stories that people want to share.”

    We are extremely careful about who we employ. Our culture and values are paramount to our success and we seek out people who are passionate. Mediocrity is not tolerated at Star Tracker. Great companies are not built by average people, and good is not good enough in our culture. No division is more important than another and we all understand how interdependent we have to be to achieve greatness.

    We have differentiated ourselves by maintaining high self-discplene, being well-prepared, maintaintaining punctuality, dressing appropriately, and adhering to our rules for client etiquette. In addition, we value each and every one of our clients, from the smallest to the biggest. “Our strategy was to acquire an interest in existing companies and multiply in triple their turnover by boosting their sales and marketing.”

    Views of Dr. Mustafa that, Cash runs out very quickly and it does not come back. Cash gives you flexibility and mobility so use it carefully.

    The customer is everything. How you treat your customers has serious implications for the business. Treat your clients badly and they will not only take their business elsewhere, but they’ll also say as many people as they can what a terrible company you have. Don’t fob off customers. Always get back to them and maintain the personal touch.

    Respect compliance. If you do not comply with rules and regulations and have the necessary certificates, you will never be paid.

    Dr. Mustafa adds that success depends on risks and “You need a clear mind and strong analytical power to make a correct decision – and then go for it.”